Last night I had the strangest dream. It wasn’t very long, but it was very vivid. My dreamed consisted of me getting arrested. (Okay, everyone….be nice!!!) I was in some strange place (some sort of building) and a young woman was running with a box in her hand. Behind her were cops chasing her down. I was innocently standing in a hallway and she grabbed me as she was running by me and pushed me into an empty room and slammed the door. She threw the box at me. By that time, the cops broke open the door with their guns drawn. They told her to get down on the ground and proceeded to handcuff her. I was still standing in the empty room with the box in my hands. With guns still drawn, the cops asked me to get down on the ground and told me I was under arrest. I kept telling them that I did not know who this girl was and that I was innocent. The cops grabbed the box and pushed me to the ground and hand cuffed me. All this time, I kept telling the cops that this was ridiculous and that I was innocent. They kept telling me to shut up. The last I remember of the dream was that I was still on the ground with my hands handcuffed behind my back and thinking, “what the hell…what am I going to do”.

That was pretty much the end of the dream. I never did find out what was in the box or what happened to me.

Having weird dreams like this always make you wonder… what does this dream mean? What did I eat that night to make me dream this????

All my life my dreams have been very vivid and real. I can almost recall every aspect of the dream from colors, smells, touch/feel, emotions, etc. I have also been able to watch myself in the dream as an outsider. Kinda weird….I am not sure if most people can do this.

Does any one else experience lucid dreaming like I do?