Yesterday was my son’s 17th birthday. It is hard to believe that 17 years ago, I was coming home from the hospital with a bundle of joy. Needless to say, as a first time mother, I was scared to death!

Through the years, I have watched him grow from this little boy that didn’t like to “use his words” to going to school for the first time all big eyed and wondering and continuing on to develop academically, emotionally, physically, and morally. I have cherished each one of those stages and have developed so many memorable memories.

And now here we are 17 years later and I now look into a young man’s eyes (or should I say, “up into” a young mans eyes – he’s getting so tall!) and see him almost all grown up preparing himself to set out into the “adult world” that we all come to know.

I sit and observe how he has developed into this person that has his own thoughts and opinions, has developed far above my academic abilities at his age and has become a person whose morals and heart is bigger than any one that I have known.

This year will be a very exciting time for all of us as he determines what direction he wants to go in his life. From high school graduation to applying and touring colleges, writing essays and interviewing schools, these are only a few examples of what is to come.

I do not know what Brandon will decide to do as he grows into adulthood. I do know, however; that he will be successful in anything he sets his mind to.

As a parent, guardian and mostly a mother, I cannot express my love for my son. I am so proud of who he is and who he can become.

Happy Birthday son! I hope you enjoyed your special day!